Gif Scratcher

A lightweight (~4kb minified) jQuery plugin that allows you to scratch GIFs.

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Move your mouse over the GIF to scratch it. (GIF by Julien Douvier)


Add the first image in your animation to your HTML file.

<div id="target" class="target">
  <img src="animation-first.jpg">

Then add the jQuery magic.

  sprite : 'animation.jpg',
  frames : 10

Settings available.

  sprite      : string  // Image sprite
  frames      : int     // Number of frames in sprite
  interaction : string  // 'hover'
                        // 'drag'
  auto        : boolean // Autoplay
  speed       : int     // Autoplay speed
  cursor      : boolean // Add custom cursor


To extract every single frame from an animated GIF as individual JPEGs and create a sprite you can use ImageMagick in the terminal.

Install ImageMagick (OS X): brew install imagemagick

To extract the frames run: convert FILENAME.gif -coalesce %02d.jpg

To create the sprite run: montage `ls ??.jpg` -tile NUMBER_OF_FRAMESx1 -geometry 500x284 FILENAME.jpg